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Thursday, August 30, 2012

~Update dari BabyCenter~

Every week akan dapat update dari BabyCenter.  Since pregnant lagi memang suka pergi website ni.  Banyak info yang dapat membantu.

Ni pulak update terbaru dari BabyCenter berkenaan perkembangan Zara yang dah berusia 9 bulan, 3 minggu...

Hello, Fauziah
Try getting down on the floor for a minute and seeing the world from your nine-month-old's point of view. That space behind the sofa could be an entire undiscovered country. That kitchen cupboard could contain... anything. He wants to explore but he's also learning how big the world is, which explains two other traits that come with his growing curiosity: clinginess and a growing fear of strangers. He's learning you could go far away from him, which is a frightening thought for someone so tiny! This phase, when he wants to be near you all the time, can be very wearing but it will pass more quickly if you don't push him to be independent too soon. Day by day his confidence will grow, as you are there to support and reassure him. 

Hah!! Zara memang super duper busy sekarang ni.  Explore sana, explore sini sampai lupa nak tido.  Kadang tu makan pun x mau.

@_@  Dia dah pandai bukak cabinet dapur dah.  Abis segala macam tepung dan semua khazanah dalam tu dia nak keluarkan.

@_@  Pokok pegaga Mummy togel sebelah sebab dia asyik tarik je daunnya.

@_@  Tali handbag Mummy agaknya tak lama lagi tanggal sebab dia suka gigit.

@_@  Pantang tengok Mummy duduk sebelah Daddy sure dia datang.

@_@  Suka sangat tarik rambut Mummy sekarang ni..  Sakit nak oiiii


Asmara said...

Masa anak first mmg teruja sgt follow email dari baby center ni. pastu skrg dah 3 org hampir dilupakan. hihi.. mybe sbb skrg agak jrg bukak email kot. :D

q'aulea said...

sama perangainya dengan sara.
bab tarik rambut kita dengan gigit tali handbag tu sebijik. hihi.

Asmaul Husna


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